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This is the latest exercise bike that will completely change the way you think about sports and training. INFRASLIMX is an exercise bike with infrared cabin and vacuum massage. In a closed cabin, the thermal waves of infrared heaters, vacuum massage, aromatherapy, collagen light therapy, ozone therapy and oxygen therapy are simultaneously exposed. The combination of these technologies makes training and weight loss easier, more enjoyable and effective than previously known methods, and also promotes toning and detoxification, which will significantly improve your well-being and physical condition.
The combination of technologies creates synergy. In a vacuum space, tissues are loosened (relaxed), capillaries and blood vessels expand, giving cells much more oxygen and nutrients, due to this, your productivity will be much higher. Your body will need more oxygen as the pressure increases. The built-in oxygen generator will provide you with this excess, as a result of which the cells will become more loaded, and you will be able to burn much more calories than in other sports.
Absolutely not, since only your lower body (from abdomen to legs) is in the closed cabin during training. The by-products of cellular metabolism are eliminated by sweating, . Detoxification processes are supported by infrared rays, and cycling accelerates lymphatic circulation, which quickly delivers toxins to the excretory organs. And the suction effect of the vacuum promotes the accelerated elimination of toxins through the skin.
For everyone who cares about their health, their body, their physical and mental state! With INFRASLIMX you will achieve results in weight loss, toning, cellulite treatment and improving your physical fitness faster and more pleasantly. To all those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have not yet found their sport, who are overweight, who love to eat but do not want to be obese, and for everyone who recognizes the fact that a healthy human body is based on movement.
People who constantly keep looking for opportunities in order to maintain and improve their physical condition. Training on INFRASLIMX is not exposed to weather conditions, is not related to the time of day, excludes the human factor during training. You exercise and relax in a completely private environment. You can listen to your YouTube music, watch your favorite Netflix TV shows during your workout, or if you want to get a new experience, you can go cycling anywhere in the world, using a virtual projection of the bike routes.

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