All conscious residents of big cities are united by two aspects – HEALTH care and effective use of TIME. Combining these factors and ensuring maximum comfort has become the main task for our team. The result is the ACT STRONG sports club with the innovative InfraslimX exercise equipment.
InfraslimX is an exercise bike with infrared cabin and vacuum massage. In a closed cabin, the thermal waves of infrared heaters, vacuum massage, aromatherapy, collagen light therapy, ozone therapy and oxygen therapy are simultaneously exposed. The combination of these technologies makes training and weight loss easier, more enjoyable and effective than previously known methods, and also promotes toning and detoxification, which will significantly improve your well-being and physical condition.
During training, the following processes take place in your body – in the vacuum space, the tissues loosen (relax), capillaries and blood vessels expand, giving the cells much more oxygen and nutrients, due to this, your productivity will be much higher. As the tension increases, the body will need more oxygen. The built-in oxygen generator will provide you with this excess, as a result of which the cells will become more loaded, and you will be able to burn much more calories than in other sports.
The human body stores harmful acids and toxins in adipose tissue for its own protection and balance. Toxins can be removed from the body in different ways, one of the most effective is through sweating.
You are doing active cardio training under the influence of heat waves of infrared heaters, combining active and passive sweating, while you train with the InfraslimX. Deeply penetrating infrared rays dilate blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation. Thanks to this, during the training, the release of end products of cellular metabolism is accelerating, toxins are eliminated faster and the breakdown of fats begins immediately.
When using infrared radiation, oxygen demand increases, which is caused by an increased cellular metabolism. The environment cannot fully meet this need, therefore the exercise bike is equipped with oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy (inhalation of 70% pure oxygen) accelerates all beneficial physiological processes and greatly facilitates training. By combining these technologies, InfraslimX eliminates the possibility of symptoms of oxygen deficiency such as dehydration, dizziness and convulsions.
Vacuum massage also stimulates the removal of excess substances from the cellular space, stimulating connective tissue, and significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite. Collagen therapy also improves the elasticity of the skin tissue by initiating collagen production. The combination of infrared and red light (collagen therapy) softens the effect of physical stress on the joints, guarantees their warming up.
There are two main ways to induce sweating – exercise (active sweating) and fever (passive sweating). Both methods speed up cellular metabolism and promote weight loss and toning.

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