ACT STRONG Answers to questions WHAT IS INFRASLIMX? This is the latest exercise bike that will completely change the way you think about sports and training. INFRASLIMX is an exercise bike with infrared cabin and vacuum massage. In a closed cabin, the thermal waves of infrared heaters, vacuum massage, aromatherapy, collagen light therapy, ozone therapy […]


ACT STRONG LIFESTYLE AND THINKING ACT STRONG is a new project, that will start its activities in the field of health care.For us, health is the basis for ANY development!Start the project with us! Services


Innovate nowThe first sport club with innovative InfraslimX exercise bikes in Ukraine SynergySport. Comfort and wellness InfraslimX Is an exercise bike based on innovative technologies. InfraslimX performs 4 types of therapies on your body during pedaling (35/45 minutes), which gives you the opportunity to: burn 1000 or more kilocalories; conduct effective cardio training; increase the […]